Michael Dubois,
Head of Corporate at VG Global Holdings

(Published Jul 10, 2023)  

Artificial intelligence tools are the new thing in the world of technology, and they are not just an easy way to complete personal assignments or edit selfies and videos. If used right, they could become your next source of income, they can be the biggest wealth creator in history, they have the ability to destroy barriers that have prevented people from pursuing their dream of economic freedom.  


The AI market is expected to grow rapidly in the coming decade – it’s already valued at almost $100 billion and expected to contribute $15.7 trillion to the global economy by 2030 – and right now is the greatest opportunity for anyone looking to diversify their income to capitalize on it. Aside from investing in the right companies, there are three avenues that I would suggest you can pursue to take advantage of this new technology. 


Freelance Projects: Writing, editing, graphic design, animation, or photo and video editing, AI can help you to become more efficient in so many different ways: the new generative AI tools can already help you write business plans, create digital artwork, or edit and proof-check words and images.   


Entrepreneurial Projects: All individuals with their own small-business should start to investigate into this and study how AI can help boost their company’s revenue, since AI tools can help to improve your business, improve inventory management, go through and analyse customer behaviour, target marketing audiences and advertising campaigns more acutely and effectively, and generally identify new streams of revenue opportunities.  


Private Tutoring: This is a new medium and, as such, teaching people how to best utilise and get the most from generative AI tools, is something which will grow and grow in the future. Learning to maximise the opportunities that are presented by this new medium, and then, more importantly, learning how to teach the next generation the skills required, will be a very valuable commodity in the near future – there are actually several universities and colleges which provide free AI courses ranging from a couple of hours to several weeks of learning algorithms, data analytics and more.  


Grab the opportunity right now.